0 How to hack a Facebook Account

If you are currently on this site it is because you are looking for a way to hack the password of a facebook account.
You've probably lost a lot of time looking at other sites for the best way to hack a facebook account, but unfortunately, it did not really help you. To save you even more time, all you can find on other sites as solutions are phishing, keyloggers, social engineering and hacking of the email address of facebook account (if known), these methods work, but not for everyone and are very difficult to implement.
The common reasons that make you want to hack a facebook are the following:
  • Cheating partner suspicion
  • Recovery of a lost password
  • Monitoring of children activities
  • Revenge on someone
  • Simple curiosity
Well, let us congratulate you because you just found the right place! ;)

Our software:

Instructional/Proof Video:

How it works:

The hacking system is very easy to use, and usually take less than 5 minute (and not 5-6 days as on some other sites) all you have to do is to fill one of the three following methods: ID Number, or Username, or E-mail, and then click the "Hack" button.
IMPORTANT: Please update the exploits before you try to hack the account.
Our hacking plateform exploits a vulnerability found in Facebook's database servers, this allows you to extract the data (password of your target) and decrypt it just by a simple click and in a very short time!
The process is invisible to your target and working remotely, which means your target will not notice that his password has been hacked unless you make changes on his facebook account (such as changing his password, changing his picture, post comments ... etc.) otherwise do no worries on this side, we assure you!

What is "The Secret"?

The idea was conceived by two former developers who participated in the maintenance of Facebook's database servers, we affirm that we know every corner of the structure of these servers, and there are multiple vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited. ;)

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0 Keep People From Seeing Your Incriminating Tagged Photos

A major security flaw lies in facebook. It’s not enough that if you post an album on your profile, hackers can view it and do what they will with it, but even if you’re not the one to post the private picture, half the world can still see it.
If someone posts private pictures of you, anyone can view them. All that has to happen is that someone tags you. You could be on vacation, not checking your emails or facebook and you come back and you realize that someone tagged you in a picture that should not be on facebook. In the mean time your family and friends and complete strangers (maybe even your boss or government) has seen these pictures. Maybe they downloaded them to their computer and who knows what else.
Now you have photos of you on the internet that maybe you’d rather not be public. How can you fix this problem?
It is quite important to get this resolved when tagged images and videos can have devastating effects. All a facebook user has to do is randomly tag you and everyone can instantly see the media that you don’t want them to see. What if your boss sees it? You could suffer personal embarrassment. You could be fired. Placed in jail. And plenty of other things.

Lets fix this:

Go to your privacy page for your profile and change the setting for the tagged photos of yourself.
facebook >> profile privacy >> Photos Tagged of You
Then you click on customize.
Select the “Only Me” option.
Then select “None of my Networks.”
You can make the photos tagged to certain users but as we like to emphasis, less is more with allowing people access to your personal information

0 Protect the Security of Your Albums

So you have a new photo album that you just uploaded. Your profile is private. Your security settings are tweaked out. You should be safe, right? Wrong. You would think that if you upload an album on your private profile, it would be private and random strangers wouldn’t be able to view them. Well, this is obviously not how facebook operates. In fact everyone can see what you thought was a private profile.
How can we fix this?
Just because you’ve uploaded photos doesn’t mean that you’ve accurately tagged every photo correctly. This setting is more of a reminder than anything else. Frequently people will turn of their tagged photo visibility to certain friend lists yet keep their photo albums public to the world. If you are trying to make all your photos invisible you must do so on an album by album basis.
A specific Photos Privacy page exists where you can manually configure the visibility and security of every photo album. This is a highly unknown, underrated and useful configuration option and I greatly recommend that you take advantage of it. This way you can store your photos indefinitely on Facebook yet ensure that the only people that can view your photos are the ones who you really want to see them.

0 Prevent yourself from showing up in facebook searches

Are you annoyed with constantly showing up on facebook searches? Are random people trying to add you. Has your boss ran a search on your public profile and found incriminating evidence? Are you just looking for more privacy? Learn how to take your profile off public facebook searches.
How to configure your settings so you don’t show up in facebook searches
- First go to your search privacy settings: http://www.facebook.com/privacy/?view=search
- Change your search visibility to what ever you would like. I recommend only your friends. (as they can see your private information anyway, so you’re not losing any security by doing this.
- Now save your settings.
The default that facebook has made, which isn’t very secure is for everyone in your entire network to see it. This could be everyone in an entire state. Would you want all the people in california to be able to know every detail or your life? Probably not. So I’d seguest only letting your firends see it. And for that matter only allow people you trust to be your friends, but never put anything on your facebook that you wouldn’t want a judge or boss to see. Cause you never know what kind of security bug will be released. And there have been reports of facebook handing out private information to governments and private organizations.

0 A Guide to Making Your Facebook Friend’s List Private

Many of us love to watch our number of Facebook “friends” list grow and grow. Showing off a few dozen, hundred, or thousands of friendships does create a certain sense of popularity and satisfaction. However, that slight bit of popularity can lead to problems for both you and your various friends. Unless your Facebook friendship list is made private, it is possible for marketers to easily see your friend list when they type your name into the Facebook search box. Any unwanted guests can record their names and contact them based on the assumption that you and your friends share similar interests. This can create a wealth of unwanted contact through private messages and strange friend requests for both you and your friends. Whatever your reasons may be–socially acceptable or otherwise–it is a great rule to keep your friend list private–and to send those marketers packing that way they cannot use a facebook hack to compromise your profile.
Exposed Facebook Friends List on Profile
Exposed Facebook Friends List on Profile
Modify Facebook Privacy Settings
Modify Facebook Privacy Settings
Before panicking and deleting all your questionable friends to keep them private, take a breath: There are two easy and simple steps to making sure those advertisers or future significant others will never be able to personally browse through your dark past. First, you must log into your Facebook account. After logging in, click the “Settings” link to the right of your name in the upper toolbar. Then select the link entitled “manage” below the “Privacy” heading. Select the “Profile” link and scroll down to the “Friends” section of the following page. Select the option in the drop-down menu that says “customize” [See 1 Below]. This option box will allow you to change who can see your friends list from your official profile page. Be sure to uncheck the box that says “Everyone on Facebook” [2]. Then, choose the radio button that says “Only Friends” [3]. Then, from the drop-down menu below the Networks heading, select “None of My Networks” [4]. This last option will ensure that people who are also listed in your network (whether it is a location-based, work, or school network) cannot see your friend list. Basically, unless you add your boss as a friend, when he goes to your profile he won’t be able to see that his secretary, who is also in your network, is on your Facebook list.
Edit your Facebook Search Settings
Edit your Facebook Search Settings
Additionally, from this same options box, you can make sure that your new fiancee won’t be able to scroll through all the profile pictures of your ex-girlfriends that you “forgot” to delete (or that your husband will never see all those bodybuilders you met at the gym…or that your mom will never know how many punk motorcycle kids are your Facebook friends). By typing in the name of the individual you’d like to shield your friend list from in the “Except These People” box [5], you can easily ensure that the particular person will never see your Facebook friend list and that those friendships you may or may not want to share just yet will be private.
Okay, now select “Okay” and be sure to save your changes before navigating away from this page.
Alright! Now there’s one final step to shielding your poor innocent friends from the eyes of the public and the information collectors. After you have saved your friend settings, click the “Settings” link at the top of your Facebook page again and choose “Privacy.” From this page, click “Search.” To keep your friend list out of your search result page, uncheck the “My friend list” from below the second heading, “Search Result Content.” This will prevent anyone who is not able to see your profile page from being able to copy down your friends’ names and any other available information.
Secured Facebook Profile Page
Secured Facebook Profile Page
With that, we have completed the process of making friendship lists private. Now make sure you know that just because your friend list is private to the general public, anyone who is your friend and who is not specifically blocked will still be able to see your friend list. The only way to keep a friend from seeing your friend list is to add them to the “Except These People” box on the profile privacy page. Congratulate yourself for making your friend list private–now both you and the friends you have just hidden will be one step closer to keeping any pests and wandering eyes away. Be sure to refer them to this article so that you and their loved ones will not be available to the public eye when they get searched.

0 How to view private facebook profiles

There are two methods to see a users limited facebook profile without being friends with them and both are very easy and straight forward to do. However, there is a draw back and that is that the facebook user will most likely know that it is you and they will be able to see your limited profile.
Many people ask what is the easiest way to view a private facebook account or how to get around private facebook profiles. Well, these are probably the easiest ways to view a private face book account, although maybe not the best.
First Method
You can send the user a simple message to their inbox. To do this you go to their profile page and it will immediately tell you through a pop up that in order to view a private users profile on facebook you must add them as a friend and it will give you other options as well. Click on message users and send them a small message such as “hi.” Facebook will inform the person that your account can now see their limited profile and that they will also be able to see your limited profile.
Second Method
This may be the better of the two methods to see a facebook users profile. All you do is poke them. This does everything that sending them a message does except it has the slight advantage that most users have no clue what poking actually does, so they may not know that you can see their limited profile. But they will still know that you are thinking about them or that you know they have a facebook profile.
This is just an easy way to see limited facebook profiles. If you don’t mind the user knowing who you are, then these are great methods, but for most purposes if you don’t want a user to know that you are spying on them, it’s not the best method. Use other means, located on this site to be more secretive.